A L L I E B E C K W I T H 


Allie Beckwith is a Canadian Brand Influencer, Visual Artist and Fashion Photographer. Allie’s Blog and Instagram content cover a diverse scope of topics including fashion, beauty, DIY, travel, art and decor. As a formally trained photographer, Allie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Photography in 2015. Since graduation Allie has experienced tremendous successes, including shooting at New York Fashion Week and having her editorial work featured in Vogue Magazine. She has worked with major global brands including Tim Hortons, LG Canada, Daniel Wellington, Delta Hotels and Vogue Magazine.


Allie's rapidly growing reach extends to international audiences, with primary development in Canada. Totalling an audience of over 19.4K on Instgram alone, Allie’s fresh mix of dynamic and engaging content has allowed her the ability to capture viewers throughout all major Canadian cities, with a focal audience in the major centres of Toronto and Montreal in addition to her powerful influence on the East Coast. Allie includes both men and women among her readers with a 33% / 67% divide among the two, and strives to create strong relevant content for all audiences, while always incorporating her own personal aesthetic and brand values in her magnetic mix.

For media inquiries contact: andrey@interfluence.io