Made in California, Maven Jewelry

What a week! My birthday week is finally winding down. My best friend /& roommate have birthdays exactly one week apart. This calls for exactly one week of celebrations! They made me feel so special on my birthday and all weekend, it was really, really nice. I wanted to return the love to Allison today (her birthday) and delivered some flowers to her office. She also has a little surprise to come home to later on, followed by diner & hot tub drinks. Ohhhh it's nice being 23 ;)

This whole week I haven't taken off my new Maven jewelry. I absolutely love this brand. I've been wearing my chain black chocker almost every day. It's perfect. I love the small chain so much, a little hardware is perfect to add a subtle texture when you're wearing mostly casual materials. I'm finding myself alternating between the chain & the longer suede fringe necklace, I love that they just add texture to anything you're wearing. I also love layering a combination of these pieces, they all go so well together especially when wearing a simple outfit. I prefer layering and layering black on black, but that's just me. Hahaha

 Dark lipstick and this kind of look are everywhere right now and it's hard to not want to try it out for yourself. The lipstick I'm wearing is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Serenata. This was a gift from my favourite beauty guru Taylor Simmonds. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know my obsession with lip stains. Hahah this was the absolute perfect gift and also haven't stopped wearing it since I opened it.  Chokers and lipstick aren't going anywhere this winter so do yourself a favour and just join us ;)

Maven is inspired by, designed and made in California. All their styles are minimal and perfect. I love that they are simple, and ... wait for it. -Affordable.  Cali style may be a little bit different than this, but this post has an East Coast kick. (aka freezing lol) Their team is so so sweet and happy to now call them friends and fellow #girlboss <3 Thankfully Maven has an online website and ship worldwide, so all my Canadian friends, we're in luck.

Shop my pieces here:

Black chain choker
Leather tassel on chain
Long bead bolo

Outfit details

Jewelry by Maven Jewelry
T-shirt dress by Missguided
Over the knee boots, similar here
Green beanie, Forever 21 
Lipstick by Stila, pack of three -I love all three but wearing shade Serenata

This post was sponsored by Maven Jewelry xx


22, 22, 22, 23

"Take time each day to reflect"
This is something I used to live by. But 22 -I did not take my own advice. I took little to no time to reflect on what the fckkkk I was doing. I made decisions without thinking, I fought hard without realizing, and I was trying to stay steady while my mind was in shambles.  22 was a year of laughter, fighting, extreme behaviours and uncertainty. I was uncertain about my job, my career path, my relationship, and my whereabouts. I tried to convince myself I wanted something, that deep down I knew wasn't true. I tried to romanticize something that was toxic. Constantly trying to reassure someone who will never ever be reassured. I have a bad habit of compromising in places that I know are not healthy. I learned again from this, as I always do. Time tells all, and this worked in my favour. I cut ties with more than one person who were so close to me at one time, and moved on.

Travelling to Edmonton, Jasper, Montreal & Florida, I spent a lot of time in airports. Reading #girlboss, having glasses of wine on my flights and just enjoying the ride. Unlike my old ways of journaling, making a list of goals to accomplish and reflecting on the trip I had just had. I started to lose touch with what kept me grounded and inspired.

I have this part inside of me that is career orientated, focused and driven, and then this other part of me that is looking for excitement, carefree thrill, adventure and inspiration. A lot of pressure is put in both areas and I need to realize that this is OK. It is so ok, and probably normal for anyone who is 22. As long as balance consists. There is more to life then work, and there is more to life then love. It's when there is too much of one or the other that I lose control, maintain distracted and get off track.

My grandmother was in and out of the hospital all year. This took a giant emotional toll on me. No boy has ever made me feel so emotionally drained as I did leaving the Regional Hospital every night in the dark. Hoping that she would be ok, and that wouldn't be the last time I saw her. It was really really hard to drive away each time. But thankfully after a long year, she's in good health, out of the hospital, and safe.

Other than the intensity of making something work that clearly shouldn't have, my job I didn't feel absolutely fulfilled in, and a million trips to the hospital,  22 was a great year for my career. My blog reached over 100,000 views, I started taking my social media presence seriously and have been working with brands internationally. Katie & I really started to take AKA DECOR, from nothing to something, something really really special. We got our first shipment of fabric in the mail and did not look back. We built an entire company. I can't even believe this, and how far we've come. I now know how to seek manufacturing, product development, pitch, sell, accounting, business numbers, sales tax, HST accounts, lawyers, lead meetings, collaborate and compromise. And own a legit company. In 1 year we went from not existing, to selling Canadian made products with my artwork & photography in stores in Saint John, Fredericton, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax. Our team grew from 2 to 4, and the momentum is not slowing down.

I realized having a boss was not for me, and that I really needed to spend my life working towards being my own boss and running my own show. I am now able to sustain my living by creating. Creating images and creating artwork. I am now consistently shipping my artwork across Canada and the United States. This is something I dreamed of happening, and it's actually happening.

I had a lot of media attention from people like Huddle.Today, Dulcedo Management, Alex Vautour & Pmai Brand. My photography work was featured on ETalk, Fashion Magazine, MTV, & Flare Magazine. This was all incredible and I needed the reassurance that I was still on the right path. But the biggest accomplishment of being 22 was having my name, alongside a photo I took for my good friend & Canadian designer, Cassandra Burrell in Vogue Magazine. -This makes me so happy I could cry. I think we both cried.

It was a weird year and looking back, I learned a lot. I learned that instead of spending time and regret and making a big deal out of losing someone or something, is a waste of time.  Cry & keep going. "Life goes on, with or without you" -and it does. No matter who. I don't waste time in these areas. I learned how to be happy in my hometown without constantly wishing I was somewhere else. I learned how to "chill", breathe and live in the now.  I learned that millennials are really onto something and that collaborating with this generation is exactly what to do, because we're up next.

Cheers to 22, I'll miss u.

Hello 23, nice to see you.

Stay hungry, stay foolish 

^^^ balance



Black out

I think I might just make a schedule of blogging on Sunday nights, because it's happening again for the third week in a row. It's been a busy week and a lot of change happening in my business world. My company AKA DECOR is growing! We are now selling in Montreal! Montreal has my heart and I am so happy about this. It's so exciting to be expanding into bigger cities!!!! Another huge deal is that we just added a new team member and an intern!! Intern!!! I WAS AN INTERN! How do I have an intern??! This is so so so exciting. I can't believe how many people want to be a part of something that we created. It's so cool, and I had no idea other people would feel so passionately about our brand. I LOVE MY JOB!!

These photos were taken in Old Port Montreal in the outfit I pretty much lived in all week. Alternating accessories, adding and taking away a hat, beanie and switching sunglasses or sneakers, I wore a combination of this look for a straight week. Can't go wrong with head to toe black. Hahaha
Shop the whole look at LORDON <3

In collaboration with LORDON
Photos by Nick Fitzpatrick

My lash gal

It's my favourite day again ;) Happy Sunday people!!! 
I'm all cozy in a blanket watching a highly recommended series on Netflix called Stranger Things. Has anyone watched it? We're still early on, it's good, but scary!!! 
I just got home from Montreal last night and had spent the best week there. I love that city and considering a move back there .... hmmm 

Before I left for my trip, my girl Taylor Simmonds in Fredericton hooked me up with some eyelash extensions. I am by no means a beauty blogger, I barely brush my hair. But- I need to share this experience with you. I am someone with nice eyelashes naturally. For years, people have been asking me if my lashes were real, they always were, but with the help of a lot of mascara. My lashes are naturally blonde so I allllwaayyyyssss wear mascara. My friends highly recommended eyelash extensions to try out. So I did it.

I arrived with no makeup on and over the hour, Taylor carefully glued and placed tiny little mink hairs onto my natural lashes. It did not hurt at all, and was actually pretty relaxing. I looked in the mirror and was so happy with how they looked. It looked like I had naturally long black lashes without caked on mascara that you're constantly picking at and flaking all over your face. 

I've had them on for over a week now and they still look absolutely perfect. In Montreal, I had strangers complementing me on my eyes and I was so surprised. The whole week, I only wore foundation and blush on my face. It was really refreshing. I didn't feel made up, but I still felt pretty.
This week I'm going to try to only wear bb cream. See how much I can cut back ;) This is so exciting!!!!

Any who! I totally recommend trying this out. It was really nice to have on my trip and I will definitely be keeping up with them and especially for my trip to Costa Rica.

If you're in Fredericton or Saint John, I highly recommend Taylor Simmonds as your lash gal. She's so gentle and sweet about the whole process. And didn't even want to kill me after I asked two hundred questions before we started <3 <3

Find Taylor:
Taylor Simmonds

Photos by Nick Fitzpatrick
Hat from LORDON 

Hidden Gems in Edmonton

Happy Sunday night! Sundays are either the day of the week we feel refreshed and ready, or the day we feel stressed and panicked lol. Lately for me Sundays have been my day. I get the most work done on Sundays than I do any other day of the week. ---No clue why. I think it's the day I fully dedicate to staying in bed on my laptop, and surprisingly enough, shit gets done. 
This Sunday is a little bit different, as I'm watching Netflix in my AirBnb in Old Port Montreal. -Still on my laptop, still working ;) But I thought before I started sharing Montreal posts, I wanted to share with you a little hidden gem I found in Edmonton, Alberta. It's called Tiffany Blue, and it's a designer consignment store downtown. It's the cutest consignment store I've ever been in. The pieces are awesome, they are so selective with what they take, that every piece you pick up is unreal cool. They had all ranges of fur, loubitons, bags, you name it. If you're in the Edmonton area, go there! It's a little tricky to find, as it's up a flight of stairs off 115th street. But look for it! Also, thankfully for me, they also have an online store. You're welcome :) :) :) :) 

Dressed by Tiffany Blue Consignment  -Whole outfit available there!
Jacket by Alexander McQueen
Jeans, similar here
Bag by Chanel
Shoes, similar here 

In collaboration with Tiffany Blue Consignment

Ashley & Nader

It's Wednesday!! I'm laying in bed at the end of a pretty awesome day. I don't normally share entire shoots anywhere, but now that I have a little more time to breathe, I think I'll start sharing them on here. 

A couple weeks ago, I got booked for a last minute wedding signing. It was obviously planned, but the thought of having a photographer there, slipped their mind. And then I got the call ;) Ashley & Nader are getting married in Mexico later on, so this was just for close family. It was beautiful; the setting, the people, the weather. Here are a couple shots from their special Saturday afternoon xx 

That white one piece

Eeeee!! So I just booked a trip to Costa Rica!! For 2 weeks in December, I'll be backpacking with some of my best friends. We cannot wait. I love booking spontaneous trips. I'm not too much of a planner, I just like to go with it. It took little to no convincing and a quick look at an Air Canada seat sale. SOLD. I cannot wait to be chasing waterfalls and living in a bikini for two weeks. Eeeeee (THE PICTURES) If anyone knows of some must sees in Costa Rica, please comment them below!!

I wanted to share with you, this white one piece that I wore in Florida. I had so many questions about the way it fits, how much it is, and where it's from! This one is from Zaful! I'm going to admit, it's really really tiny. This is a size large. The material is more of a t-shirt material, not bathing suit material. I have been wearing it with jeans, a skirt, shorts, as well as to the beach. Hahaha 
Ever since we all saw Kourtney Kardashian on the cover of October's Cosmo, I don't think I'm alone when I say, we all now need a white one piece.

Here are links to a few that I love:

Wearing: Lace up one piece by Zaful

Matrix Hotel Edmonton

There's something about staying in a beautiful hotel that makes you feel like some sort of celebrity, queen, princess, star. I'm a sucker for a beautiful space and the Matrix Hotel stole my heart. When travelling one of my favourite things to do is look at the interior decor of hotel lobbies. Is that weird? Maybe. But I'll definitely keep doing it. Anyways- The Matrix Hotel is located downtown Edmonton and is pretty awesome for a few reasons. Honestly, I think the free parking and free wifi are tied for 1st place. Those are two things that I hate paying for. LOL. It's super close to everything and so many great restaurants and coffee shops within blocks. The staff is nothing but accommodating and I left after my stay feeling like I made three new friends. (Not something I do easily ;) ) It's modern, it's chic, the rooms are big and beautiful and the lobby is to die for. -All they're missing is AKA DECOR xx 

In collaboration with Matrix Hotels