This post was supposed to be live on my birthday, but it's not an easy one to sit down and write. Once or twice a year, since I started my blog in 2012, I’ve done a little recap of my year. I start to think about it between my birthday and the New Year. I just turned 22 in November and it gave me a little push to face the year I just had.

I spent my last year finishing my degree in Halifax. When I made the decision to go to Nova Scotia, I honestly didn’t think much about it. I wanted to finish school and Halifax was the quickest way to do it. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I can have fun doing just about anything, anywhere, so moving to Halifax didn’t seem like a bad idea at all and I was sure it would be an adventure. But, long story short, my year there was anything but fun. I started at a new school, excited to be with people who were just as in love with art and photography as I was and excited to make some new friends to hangout with on the weekends. One apartment, five different roommates moving in and out like revolving doors, and I realized,   man, was I ever wrong.

I’m really not a person that complains a lot, so this whole concept of being miserable was totally new to me and I didn’t really know how to handle it. I can usually make the best of everything – figure out what’s bothering me and try to change it. But, this was a whole different story: I didn't know what to do, so I just had to tough it out. Thankfully, after a few rough months I got a call while I was back home in New Brunswick for the weekend. The school called to say that they had miscalculated my credits and I could graduate early! Thank you universe. I couldn’t wait to move out and never ever go back. Sorry Hali folks.

On a little bit of a lighter note, I did hate Halifax, but the whole year wasn’t all bad, just mostly ;)
While in Hali, I showed in three different galleries, Khyber, Art Zone & Young Offenders. I shot for TenTree Apparel, Hanna BroerDesigns, Cassandra Elizabeth, Strong & Free Apparel, I participated in a film festival and got published in three new magazines, PhotoLife, Kaiouti & Eide Magazine. I got to collaborate with new brands like, PuraVida Bracelets, Triangl Swimwear, AlbionFit, CliqueShops & Roc Eyewear and work with new bloggers like, Alex-Closet, Blank Itinerary, Girl from Panama & Zorannah. I went to fashion week in New York and made even more connections then the last times, and gained the condifence back that I was lacking.

As soon as I moved back to my own city, I started to feel so much lighter again – and I did it! I drove away with that little piece of paper that we all pay thousands of dollars for.

Since moving home, I’ve really buckled down career-wise. My surroundings in Halifax were making me feel like the way I was doing things was wrong - that art is supposed to be a certain way and that it was not the way I was doing it. I challenged this concept in one of my gallery showings, Is this Art?

In a way, this drove me to have even more of a kick to do well when I got home. I applied for jobs all over the world and I considered moving back to Montreal or dipping my toes into Toronto. As I was trying to decide on a destination, I found an opportunity to work right here in my own city. I’m now doing what I love, have a full-time job, a new apartment with my best friend, an adorable little kitten to be our third roommate, and I just bought a new car. Finally, things are starting to fall into place. I feel great. It is unimaginable what you feel when you’re around the right kind of people. They lift you up, while negative people literally drag you down. The two are so tricky. Sometimes, you don’t realize your surroundings are even making a difference in your life, but they are.

The thing is, you can be surrounded by awesome people all the time. It’s a choice. Unless you’re in your last stretch of school and are forced to live with crazy people – but, again, that was only for one year. I knew it was only temporary and if there hadn’t been a definite end-point in sight, I would have left as soon as I realized it was bringing me down. Surround yourself with people who get it, who are pumped about YOU and are positive humans! It’s amazing what it can do for you.

I understand this one was a little depressing, but I can't sit and pretend that everything's always as awesome as it appears on Instagram. But now, back to awesomeness! 


Edited by the wonderful, Sarah Peel x

When you work with your friends, is it working?

Something's working 

Okay, so, as you may know (because we have been blowing up your newsfeed since August) We went to New York Fashion Week. I've been going to NYFW for the past couple years and it's nothing short of amazing each trip to NYC. But- this time was so much more extra special (can you say that?) 
This time, some of my best friends and I, all got to experience it together. This time, we flew to New York and PUT ON a fashion show. It still seems unreal to say that. 

It's pretty cool that this time 2 years ago  Kayley Reed and I were in NY for our first time, just on a little long weekend vacation. We were babies! We were in 3rd year of University and Wear Your Label wasn't even thought of being born. In 2 years we've both come so far and I'm always so amazed that we can run alongside each other through all of our advancements, personal and professional. 

2013 ----- 2015


So on this past trip in September, it wasn't just Kayley & I in the big city, it was the whole team. The people who have been there since day one, and a couple we've found along the way. It was the best one yet. So many meetings, coffees, emails, photo shoots, subways, phone calls, cancellations, ubers, shows, stress, laughs, parties, takeout, froyo, Justin Bieber, subways, starbucks, to name a few. I always brag about how much I love my job, but when I love my job AND work with my friends, it just doesn't seem fair. 

This is a behind the scenes of our NYFW trip. It's not all glamorous, and what you see on instagram ... it's even better ;) 


Scott & Sarah's Wedding

This past summer I photographed a lot of weddings. I never realized it before this summer, but every wedding needs the same few key people; a makeup artist, a hair stylist, a DJ & a photographer. So over my last few weddings I have run into a pretty talented hairstylist, Sarah! As we were working together at Jessie & Shane's wedding, we were both talking about the details that we would want at our own weddings. I said, "I definitely want a videographer at my wedding" and she said "Oh my god me too! I've been looking for one everywhere" ---ding ding ding. I was hired. Hahaha

I have to admit, it was a little bit different to be doing video rather then photography, but I think I actually found it funner! If you guys know of anyone looking for a videographer, send them my way ;)

Here is my capture of Sarah and Scott's big day! 

Public School -NYFW S/S 2016

Public School -For those of you who don't know, this is your chance to google.
Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne have some serious vision. The coolest part is, we got to watch it come to life, from start to finish @ New York Fashion Week, S/S 2016. 
And lucky for you, we took notes. 

The Maybelline makeup team created a clean, dewy, very natural makeup look. Anddddd it is so wearable. It's been a trend the past couple seasons, the whole, "no makeup, makeup" This season, bare faced appeared the runways for Calvin KleinRag & Bone & Rodarte to name a few. I think this is a hint to lay off on the self tans & contouring and invest in some highlighter and lipgloss. 

Now let's talk nails. (I'm saving hair for last because it was my absolute favorite I seen this year) 
Kayley covered beauty interviews for And I Was Like so stay tuned for a more in depth post on their sites. But anyways - Deborah Lippmann has been my favorite since I received her nail polish in one of my Sephora Christmas packages a couple years ago. It was amazing, ..and $20. So she's doing something right. 

Deb tells Kayley that they are playing with negative space, the nails are subtle and muted, but just enough to catch the eye.  

Also- I've never seen Deborah smile that much in her life as she did when she was talking to Kayley. It was absolutely adorable.

OK! Hair time! Anyone who knows me at all, like even the slightest, knows that I love a good braid. (See my Instagram for proof) Something that I never considered in my braid world, was a twist!!! Public School came up with such a clean, easy, twist! I am in love with it and it's so easy! 

The experts of Aveda prepped the hair with Pure Abundance Style Prep  to add strength to the hair and a little bit of texture. The ponytail was pulled tight, then sectioned off into two equal sections. The sections were then smoothed with Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Cream and twisted continuously clockwise. Once both pieces were twisted tight, they were then twisted together and held with baby plastic elastics. A spray of Air Control Hairspray was used to finish off the whole look and to keep it very matte. 

If I haven't said enough; I really love the hair. It's so easy and wearable. And a form of braid!!!! 
Here are some extra photos taken backstage for your enjoyment! 

Thanks to Bridget & Kayley!! 


Jessie & Shane

Last summer I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous little family with the parents, daughter, and the most adorable little blonde twins I've ever seen. The whole scene was picturesque and I don't think I could have messed it up if I tried! I'm so happy that Jessie & Shane were as excited about the shoot as I was, that they asked me to shoot their wedding. 
The whole day was just as relaxed as the couple. Everyone was so chill, not a worry in the world. Jessie had a NAP at the hotel while the girls got ready. I've photographed  a lot of weddings and that is THE most relaxed I've ever seen a bride on her day. Hahah the best. 
Here's a peek into the excitement 

Congrats again Jessie & Shane!!!!


Pool Daze w Triangl Swimwear

In the winter months Triangl Swimwear reached out to me about sending me a bikini as a gift. Obviously I accepted! And choosing one was SO easy. They had one that looked like black leather, duh. The Triangl team was so helpful with figuring out my sizing, I sent them my measurements and she recommended a size, and she nailed it!

So many people online raved about Triangl that I was excited to try mine out for myself. During the more freezing months I wore it to the pool at the hotel I worked out in. I'm picky with swimsuits, I think we all are... So I wasn't sure it was going to pass my test.

I wore it the first time and wasn't sure about the non stretch, snug, feel that it had being neoprene. But the more I was packing my gym bag, the more I kept grabbing it. I love it. It actually fits. the top doesn't move around, you don't have to be scared about one of the girls coming loose and the bottoms just, fit. They're not uncomfortable, and they aren't slipping around.

I am still obsessed with my black one, I've worn it in my pool and also swimming in the ocean at my cottage. It still looks and feels brand new. I love how sleek it is for a swimsuit. It's black so it's a staple, but it also has some edge. I definitely recommend it.

I'm 5'0, 110lbs, bigger bust ... My top is a Small, my bottoms were XS.

Shop my swimsuit here:

Milly New York Noir

Pat & Alex Halford

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the most beautiful, relaxed, loving couple on their wedding day. Alex & Pat were so so sweet. We met for coffee a week before the wedding to talk details and ideas, afterwards I was almost skipping down the street I was so excited to be a part of their day. Here are a fraction of the final photos that I thought were too precious not to share. 

Congrats Alex & Pat!! 
Thanks for choosing me xxxxx

Beckwith's take Nova Scotia

If you haven't already seen on instagram, this past weekend my family was in town!!!! I decided about two minutes before they picked me up, that I was going to bring my camera with me for the whole trip. Something I have not done in way too long. Normally I use my camera for work and my phone for my own photos. So this is a little treat and reminds me of when I fell in love with taking photos for fun. 

Anyways! We started the weekend off with a much needed drink, like a typical Beckwith does ;) 
We ate at the Loose Cannon on Argyle street, the food was good and the service was bad! 

Next we headed for a quick visit to the Halifax Central Library. One of my favourite locations in Halifax, it's so beautiful, modern, with all the natural light in the world!!!! If you're in the area and haven't checked it out yet, DO IT. 

Our second Nova Scotia spot we hit was Wolfville. I spent some time visiting my best friends there this year at Acadia and really wanted to show off this small little town to these guys. Wolfville is so cute, all the little shops and cafes is definitely worth a drive by. 

A place called Evangeline Cafe was recommended to me by a friend, they highly recommended their milkshakes, so that's exactly what we got. Except for Melissa, she needed some wine.. But we won't hold that against her ;)

After Wolfville we headed back to Hali and down to the boardwalk for some pizza and fireworks. A little Canada day for delay fireworks! 

Saturday morning we headed to Annie's Place Cafe on Queen Street for some morning coffee and breakfast. We had a seat outside and it was so hot and sunny! Food was good and so was the service! 

Peggy's Cove was the next destination of our adventure. My fam has never been there before so it was really fun to see their first reaction to this beautiful place. I was in a dress and sandals, not the best for hiking over rocks, my advice; wear sneakers. I could have spent all day there... the six year old, not so much..

After Peggy's we hit Lunenburg! This was my first time in Lunenburg and it is absolutely beautiful! I love anything to do with the ocean, especially these little ocean towns. All the buildings were so brightly colored and we stopped in to so many little shops and galleries. We ate at Yelp's number one choice, Magnolia's Grill and it was AMAZING. Seriously, so good. We all couldn't stop talking about how good our meals were. And, the service was good! 

We stayed at the cutest little mini cottage type hotel in Lunenburg called, Atlantic View. It was so quaint and cute, right on the water with so many animals!! Me and Jameson were in our glory surrounded by the ocean and dogs!, bunnies, cats, puppies, frogs ... 

Our last spot was Mahone Bay! We drove through and it was so pretty, I neeeeeeeed to spend more time there before I take off. We ate breakfast at the Happy Cooker and it was good! Food was good and the service was good!! 

I hope I helped a little bit if any of you are planning on visiting any of these places in Nova Scotia! I'm no expert but I do love exploring beautiful places xx